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I’ve worked in theater and television for over thirty-five years. First as an actor, then as an award-winning playwright, and an Emmy-nominated producer, and director. During the pandemic, like so many, I began to take a long hard look at my life. From the outside, it looked as if things were going quite well, but in reality, something was off. While my professional life was thriving, my private life was coming undone. Then, just as the lockdown seemed to be coming to an end,  I was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Just what I needed. No, I’m serious, it was. Although getting that news was a mental and spiritual shock to the system, it presented me with a choice. I could let it get the best of me, or I could get the best out of it.

As the process of recovery began, the obstacles in my way at times seemed overwhelming. But with nothing but time on my hands, I realized how crucial it was not to waste one second of that priceless gift. The way I had been looking at my life obviously wasn’t working, so I needed to start looking at it in ways I had never considered before if I was going to get through this. The biggest shift I made was undoubtedly the simplest. Instead of looking for answers outside myself, I started looking within. What I found myself doing was drawing from the well of experience I had from a life spent in the performing arts, as a writer, and as a creative thinker. What I discovered was that being creative wasn’t just a passion I spun into a career, it was a skill I developed as a coping mechanism to get through a sometimes very difficult childhood.

So it made perfect sense that it would now be my creative mind that would get me through this. 

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One of the things I discovered by getting back in touch with my creative thought process was how significant storytelling is to all of our lives. Listening to others tell their stories, and knowing, understanding, and being able to tell our own is one of the most impactful things that we can do. There’s a reason I love “The Wizard of Oz” so much, and I’m not alone. Because it’s the story of a young child searching for answers. She goes on an amazing, unchartered, and sometimes frightening journey, only to find the answer she was looking for was right inside her all the time. That’s an amazing and empowering story. The journey I ended up going on not only helped me to be able to tell my own story but inspired me to help others discover and tell their own. And that’s how I discovered the power of coaching. 

As an artist and writer, I have years of experience practicing the art of creative thinking.  Not only when it comes to creating art, but with solving problems, setting goals, and making dreams a reality.  Time and experience have taught me one very important thing. Sharing my passion for creative thinking empowers and inspires others to discover a world of creativity of their own. One that inspires and encourages expansion and self-growth within their own hearts and minds. If you’d like to find out more about how we can work together feel free to set up a free 30-minute call. And together we can imagine the possibilities! 


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