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Tell Your Story

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Gaining a deeper understanding of how we became who we are can be an exhilarating and eye-opening

experience. And tapping into the memories that are stored deep inside our hearts and minds can be the key to unlocking the essence of who we truly are. Our memories of the past, our perception of the present, and our vision of the future, all work as a narrative. How we tell ourselves and others the stories about where we’ve been, where we are, and where we want to go, ultimately defines who we are.  If we acknowledge that we’ve all made mistakes and faced challenges, but at the same time have a choice in how we react to them, we can create a greater sense of agency over our lives. Claiming authorship of your personal story can open pathways to achieving goals you never thought possible. I often encourage using writing exercises as a tool to foster creative thinking when working with clients and I'm offering this one as a gift to anyone interested in jumpstarting their storytelling journey.

"Our memories of the past, our perception of the present, and our vision of the future,  all work as a narrative. "


Write For Your Life

In this month-long writing exercise, you’ll mine past experiences and impactful memories using your creative writing skills to document them in a deep, thoughtful, and meaningful way. You’ll write about your memories on any given topic, how you felt about them then, and your perception of them now, and explore the idea of looking at them with the wisdom and insight that time has so generously given you. As you chart your journey and tell your story, you’ll begin to make discoveries about yourself and consider new and different ways of looking at the memories and events that have impacted your life. As you reflect back on that journey, you’ll begin to understand how it brought you to where you currently are and help you chart a course to the place you envision yourself going. We all have a story to tell, now it’s time to tell yours! 

"We all have a story to tell, now it's time to tell yours!"

Who Should Do This Course?

"​Writing from the heart can be an amazing creative emotional outlet." 

For anyone who’s wanted to tell their story but hasn’t been able to find the time or even known where to begin, this is the course for you.  Whether you’re looking to undertake a serious discipline of writing, or just get in the habit of keeping a personal journal, digging deep into the well of personal experience and writing from the heart can be an amazing creative and emotional outlet. By practicing the art of creative writing through personal reflection you’ll gain a better understanding of who you are and how you got here. In addition, you’ll end up completing a series of short stories, essays, or who knows, maybe even the start of that book you always wanted to write! 

Get Started

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Congrats on taking that first step towards telling your story!

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